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Chipped windshield

Windshield, Back Glass, Quarter Glass


We give you a lifetime warranty on all labor. This includes air or water leaks or anything else related to the installation of the glass. A receipt is required for any warranty work. Warranty work is done in shop only. There will be a (**) blue tape on most windshield replacements. Please leave the blue tape on until the following day. While the blue tape is on you may hear noise. Please wait until you remove the blue tape before reporting air noise problems. You may wash the vehicle by hand the day after the work is done. Please wait an additional day to take the vehicle through a car wash. You also need to bring a side window down or slightly open your sun roof to release the pressure. We also give you 6 months free chip repair on any windshield that we replace.

Door Glass


Most side windows have a motor and a regulator that tend to go out from wear and tear. Sometimes when a glass is broken it affects the regulator. We are not responsible for a motor or regulator that stops working! We do replacement work. When replacing a door glass there are wires that need to be disconnected. Many of the newer vehicles have a brain that is connected to the wires. Sometimes the brain needs to reset causing the “auto” feature not to work correctly when the work is done. The brain usually resets and works correctly shortly after.

Chip Repair


Although in most cases chip repair improves clarity, the repair should not be considered a cosmetic fix. Rather, it is intended to restore the structural integrity of a windshield. While the chip repair process is more than 99% effective in preventing further damage, there is the possibility of the damage spreading into a crack despite the repair. In the unlikely event that a windshield chip repair does not hold up, we would apply the amount paid for the chip repair towards a windshield replacement. We are not responsible if the chip were to spread during or after the process.

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