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Whether it’s repairing a tiny crack or completely replacing blown-out glass, Low Price Auto Glass, a family-owned and operated business in Dublin, CA, can do it all. We stock auto glass for just about any vehicle make or model. We offer same-day service and if we don’t have your car’s glass in stock, we can usually get it the same day. Just like our name says, we offer low, low prices with exceptional quality and service.

low price windshield chip repair

Chip Repair

Small cracks become big cracks in a hurry. Why pay for a windshield replacement when you can save money by getting that crack or chip repaired instead? Don’t delay! Come to Low Price Auto Glass in Dublin, CA  to get that windshield crack repaired today.

low price window tinting

Window Tinting

There are several benefits to getting your car windows tinted including keeping your car cooler during those long summer commutes and protecting your valuables from prying eyes. Come in today and see what a difference window tinting can make.

low price windshield replacement

Glass Replacement

Driving behind a large cracked windshield is more than just annoying, it is unsafe for you and your passengers. Come in or call today to get your windshield or window replaced. With same day service, you can quickly be out on the road again.

low price auto glass windshield calibraition

Windshield Calibration

Windshield calibration is the process of adjusting the parameters of a camera to capture the entirety of the road, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System.

Residential & Commercial window tinting

Residential & Commercial Window Tinting

Retain the heat or the cool air from your HVAC, block harmful UV rays, reduce fading on furniture, flooring, and merchandise, and enjoy an added level of privacy.

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